Paula is a gifted recipe developer. Her creativity knows no bounds, but she is always sensitive to the specific needs of the project. Paula’s warm and spirited voice manages to sneak into every crevice of a recipe which is refreshing and fun. She is a true pleasure to work with on every level.
— Molly Siegler, Culinary Content Editor, Whole Foods Market

What's the kernel of an idea that your brand or restaurant wants to develop? What's the story that your menu or recipe needs to tell? As a writer and cookbook author,  I've spent years working to convey the essence and unique flavor behind small towns, big cities, food-ccentric drives and some of the country's best chefs. As a recipe developer, I delight in creating fresh, enticing, and on-trend recipes for any concept sent my way. The culmination of this experience on both the trade and consumer sides of the industry is Story City, a compelling food content company based in Austin, Texas. 

Story City is an army of one or an armada of as many needed to create multi-platform food content including brand development, strategic social media, editorial, cookbooks, original recipe development, and photography and video production for the story that your business is burning to tell.

As you might have heard, Austin is a great place to live and an awesome place to visit. If you're heading our way (for SXSW or ACL), use Story City as a resource for creating unique and memorable culinary experiences (e.g. barbecue and taco tours with a side of live music) for your clients. 

Imagine your idea, fully realized. We'll help you tell it and shamelessly spread the word. Incidentally, Story City is more than the source of your next big idea, it's also where I was born.